Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Pic !! ~ Thermaltake V3

Recently from my last post..the picture quality isnt that good..some request to put more photo's..this is it..~ Click READ MORE below to see all content....

The Front Panel,below the I/O panel,got holes for 120mm fan intake

The Back Panel, got 2 holes for watercooling tube..120mm fan for exhaust..nice design
Hot air from the bottom will rise to the upper level,then the fan exhaust it out from the case.

Side Panel, 1 room for 120mm fan..i take that as my intake fan...window panel for show off..!!
Love it!

Show Off ~ Cooler Master TX3

Bottom placed PSU design..Provide more room for ur system to breathe..
Easy to do cable managment behind the HDD psu still colour2 sleeving yet

Different angle,Interior

2 room for 120mm fan at the top..i just one of it as the other one were blocked by my RAM clip
Its nice edi as it exhaust the hot air directly from my CPU cooler there..temps are oke

Sumone know wht to do with that 4+4pin cable? the ports for that cable located
far away from my psu...hard to the cable arrangement looks bad

2.5" HDD Bays...2 HDD of mine take their seat...Seagate SATA and WD IDE

5.25" Bays...Tool Free

still thinking wht to do with the I/O oanel cable..looks irritating..shit
next upgrade will buy one 120mm fan for that hole..

The location for 4+4pin mobo connector...shit so far,at the bucu of the mobo...bad la

Proudly Present,Biostar T-Series User..~~hahaha

Athlon X2 OC'ers Also!! :P

The End ~ Thnx For Watching
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  1. naise case there,,,

    is it really tight at the upper case..
    cant fit 2 fan?

  2. can fit 2 fan at the top br0...but my mobo size too big and the ram location located too far at the upper side on the mobo...but overall..this case is alike like CM690