Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My - Thermaltake V3 ~ Some Review Bout My Toys

Ive done some upgrade to my toys this week..the list of things that have been upgraded as below :

- Thermaltake V3 Black Edition
- Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 550W
- 2 Units Thermaltake 120mm Turbo Fan

Total MYR : RM330

Its consider cheap though for a mid end gaming case with just RM145. That PSU i bought from my forumer friends for RM1xx oni. Those 2 fans were bundled with the casing with RM20 each units. Yesterday night, Linglo0ng come to my house to hand me those casing and fans. I spend my whole night till subuh to re-assemble all my hardware into the casing. And the result is just nice,See below for picture.

 Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 550W

Thermaltake V3 + Tt 120mm Turbo Fans

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When Out From The Box ~

View at the back of the casing..Got pre-installed 120mm blue led fans

Thermaltake logo at front mesh panel ~ 

Front mesh panel ~

View of the side small transparent window for cpu cooler show off!
120mm fans located below the window for suck in fresh air directly to my Graphic card

For show off!! Hehe

Cpu Cooler..ive disable the 2nd fans coz i think that 120mm able to exhaust hot air
from my cpu cooler...

Still sticking with my Kingston HyperX DDR2 800 upgrade

Tied up all the cables..sorok all at the back panel...looks oke...managed

The Interior from different is it?

That I/O panel cables make the interior looks bad...if its black in colour,is good aredi..but warna warni?
later will send my psu for sleeving works

Some shots from diff angle

Clean matte black interior...very nice wor.!!

Top mesh exhaust to pull hot air out from the casing

Last photo...~

This casing is very suitable for a budget user who wants to find faming case with nice airflow and good looking...the price is very affordable...the airflow in the casing considered nice approximately 6 ports for 120mm fan slot..Also got a lot of spaces for cable management,beside the 2.5" dock..Bottom placed PSU design provide better and easier installation,provide more spaces for ur Gigantic cpu cooler like Megahalems!!..Sure as hell can win user heart juz by looking at the interior...those 120mm Turbo fans also nice,runs with 1400r.p.m. cool down my GC to 40C idle load...but still,my cable management is suck! later will send the psu to some fellow experts for sleeving all the cables...

If ppl ask me bout Thermaltake V3 casing, i will reply..." its worth buyin regret grabbin at all "



  1. good review.... i like the design of this casing... nice and have a good airflow... ^_^

  2. idea: CPU 8pin power tu blh route ikut bawah GC.
    cabut dulu GC tu pastu lalu ikut tepi mobo..
    pastu pasang balik GC tue..
    try la klu kabel cukup panjang..

  3. orite br0...gua try nampaknya mcm x cukup panjang lak cable...adess..tnx br0