Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to Boost PC Performance

PC Running slow? Not satisfied with your system load time?
Here some tips and trick for ya~

1) Defragment your harddisk at least 1 times in 3 weeks. Defragmenting your system will relocate files and folders at it actual position thus decreasing the time for Windows to cache and search your files or system setting. Easily use windows Defragmenter by :
Start --> Program --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Disk Defragmenter
After the program start,choose a partition of your choice that needs to be defragmented. Usually your system partition at " C: " that need to be defragmented ocassionally.You can use a 3rd party software as some people put more trust on 3rd party software. Like TuneUp Utilities/JKDefrag/Auslogic and others, you can search them here.

2) Do Disk Cleanup on your system.This option will delete any unwanted files/folders that will slow down or interrupt your system operation.Simply go to:
Start --> Program --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Disk Cleanup
Choose a partition and thick all setting in " Files to delete " then start.

3) Disable any unwanted operation at your startup. Because there are some program that have been set to run on startup when windows start,the program that you dont need one. Simply run MSconfig by :
Start --> Run --> Type " msconfig " --> Startup
There will show you every program that will start as windows starts. Detect any unwanted program that you dont need and unthick them, then press Apply --> Exit Without Restart.

4) Get a 3rd party Maintanance software for your PC. Sometimes a 3rd party software can perform better than any built in function in windows. Get it here

Friday, October 30, 2009

FPS Count In COD 4 & COD 5

FPS Count In Call Of Duty 4

As u can see,the framrate in the picture around 66 Fps running on my V1 Oc Setting. Average framrate count is at 55 Fps. Using only FPS setting built in COD4 only.Highest is
at 90 Fps.

FPS Count In Call Of Duty 5

Framerate count in my COD 5 shows a bit similar result like in COD 4 previously. Results at 64 Fps and average around 53 Fps. Highest is at 90 Fps but not continuous result.Running on my OC V1 setting. WIll do next FPS count later on OC V2 setting


FPS count result on Call Of Duty gameplay shows a similar count to each other maybe because COD 4 and 5 using the same engine as used in COD 4. Those results is running on my OC V1 setting,im still not impressed as i believed that HD 4650 can perform better than that. Planning on OC V2 later. Thnx for watching

DamN ~AMD X2 5200+ Setup [OC~V1]

@Po0r mAn SeTup@
CPU - AMD X2 5200+ 2.8GhZ - OC
Motherboard - Biostar TA770 A2+
Memory - Kingston HyperX DDR2 800
GPU - Sapphire HD4650 512MB DDR3
Storage - Seagate Barracuda ST250GB
Odd - Optical Samsung x18 DVD-RW
CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper-TX3 Dual Fan
PSU - ICute 450W True Power PSU
O/S - Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 Tweaked

@My OverCloCK InFo'S !
X2 5200+ 2.8Mhz (x13.5 Multiplier @ 208Mhz Bus Speed Stock Vcore)
Kingston HyperX 2GB DualChannel (2.20Volt DDR 800 Stock Timing)
Biostar TA770 A2+ (Rebels Heaven Mod Advanced OC Bios)
Radeon HD4650 (OC @ 650Mhz Core ~ 760Mhz Memory)

My first OC setup on AMD X2 5200+. Not a performance setup though but its enough for a beginner like me. Still dont have 3DMarkVantage to do benchmark test yet as im busy on my study rite now. Previously my mobo was Abit NF-M2s - run like shit ass BIOS even cant jump the memory voltage to 2.20V. Then decided to grab a new mobo and those Biostar TA770 was my right choice for basic overclocking. After received that mobo posted from SABAH wow! Ive update the BIOS with the Latest MODed BIOS from Rebels Heaven(credit for them). This mobo provide a wide setting for Overclocking and yet i can Jump my memory voltage.

Enough of that shit ass opening, Ive successfully set the Bus Speed at 208MHz at stock Vcore and multiplier. I know its not a big change but its my first setup, stupid what? Run stable on 2.8Ghz at 30-35°C and planning to push it to 3.2Ghz later la i think. That HD4650 also running stable on 650Mhz Core ~ 760Mhz Memory and the temp also impressive juz around 40-42°C. Single slot card though. Below are some screenshot for my setting.