Thursday, December 31, 2009

OC gone wild..! damn!

This My latest OC info...all going crazee wif these setting
@My OverCloCK InFo'S !
X2 5200+ 3.02Ghz (x13.5 Multiplier @ 224Mhz Bus Speed Stock Vcore)
Kingston HyperX 2GB DualChannel (2.20Volt DDR 800 Stock Timing)
Biostar TA770 A2+ (RebelsHeaven Mod Advanced A78XA718.XXX OC Bios)
Radeon HD4650 (OC @ 710Mhz Core ~ 810Mhz Memory)

at first,my system running smoothly..then after i run Call Of Duty 4 and L4D 2 for 20 min...then it hangs and BSOD....shit...after some analyze and some discussion with my sifu...then it appears to be my proc cant get stable with HT link over 1000Mhz...then i try lower down the HT to 800Mhz/16Bit i also up a bit the Vcore about 0.12V...there u go,stable....i also lower down cpu clock a bit...for safety....this da screenshot from CPU-z



  1. serius
    aku tak paham apa2
    dan aku kagum

    (nota kaki : bila mau buka kedai?)

  2. tak paham takpe...blajar sikit2...aku pun dulu mcm kere jugk x phm...sikit2 belajar..paham jugk...thnx amin...

    (nota kaki: kedai? hehehehe...)